Welcome to Veridian – we are happy you decided to participate in the North Dakota 1915i State Plan. How to proceed with receiving fiscal agent services through Veridian depends on if you are utilizing Community Transition Services or Training and Support for Unpaid Caregivers.

Community Transition Services

The Case Manager will submit the proposed Plan of Care to the 1915i Medical Services Administrator for approval. When this has been approved, it will be sent to Veridian and we will notify the Case Manager of its receipt. The Case Manager will then work with the participant to identify purchases and submit them to Veridian for processing on the Community Transition Services Purchase Request Form.

Training and Support for Unpaid Caregivers

The Care Coordinator will submit the Plan of Care and Request for Service Provider to Veridian. We will then notify the Care Coordinator when we have approved the request. The Care Coordinator will in turn provide us with the approved Plan of Care. At that time, Veridian will submit an authorization request. When this authorization is approved, we will inform the Provider working with the unpaid caregiver that they are now able to submit identified purchases to Veridian for processing on the Training and Support Purchase Request Form.

Payment Request Forms

Both Community Transition Services and Training and Support for Unpaid Caregivers will utilize payment request forms to submit items to Veridian for purchasing. You can access these forms and instructions on completing them here.