Become an Independent Support Broker

As an Independent Support Broker (ISB), you work closely with members who are enrolled in the Consumer Choices Option (CCO) program.

Your primary duties are assisting with paperwork and creating a monthly budget. ISB training is completed online and the other requirements include a background check and Mandatory Reporter training.

Your teammates

Each member has a Managed Care Organization (MCO). The MCOs are responsible for the training of the ISBs.

Veridian Fiscal Solutions processes the CCO paperwork and tracks the completion of the ISB requirements.

This team effort allows members to focus on choosing their own service providers and getting the support they need.

How to get started

New ISBs have up to 90 days to complete everything below. Day 1 is the day you register for the Iowa CCO ISB training. You must complete the Iowa CCO ISB training and Mandatory Reporter training before you submit your background check forms to Veridian.

After you complete the requirements, Veridian will contact you about your enrollment. You cannot start working for members until you are approved.

Iowa CCO ISB Training

By accessing the link above, you will be directed to the Iowa Consumer Choices Option Independent Support Broker Training offered by IA Health Link in coordination with Public Partnerships, LLC. (PPL). In order to register for the training, you will need to create an account by entering your information, password, and agreeing to the terms of use. Once you create your account, you will receive an email that will explain the training in more detail as well as instructions on how to register for the training.

Please do not click on this link if you do not intend to take the training. If you create an account, you are committed to completing the training in its entirety.

Cost: Free

Current ISBs must complete this Iowa Consumer Choices Option Independent Support Broker Training by July 27, 2017 to remain an ISB.

Additional Information

Time to complete: Approximately three hours

  • Training can be started and completed later.
  • You must score 70% or higher on the quizzes to pass the training.
  • You can retake the modules you have not passed.

Mandatory Reporter Training

Please choose your training from the list approved by the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH). You can click on the “Online, DVDs And Presenters” link to find a list of the options.

If you haven't completed the training within the last five years, you need to complete a course.

Current ISBs must submit a copy of their current certificate by May 28, 2017 to remain an ISB.

Cost: Varies based on facilitator or website

Additional Information

Select a course that combines the dependent adult abuse and child abuse training together.

Please send a copy of your certificate of completion to Veridian at

Background Check Forms

Please send a copy of the completed forms to Veridian after you have passed the Iowa CCO ISB training and the Mandatory Reporter training.

Please note: Processing can take up to six weeks.

Additional Information

Forms can be emailed to

Need assistance?

  • Technical support
    Email if you need help with the online training website.

  • Enrollment status
    Contact Veridian Fiscal Solutions if you have an enrollment or paperwork question.
    Toll-free: 866-226-4692

  • Member support
    Contact the member’s case manager for guidance.