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Employer Payroll Calculator

Need help estimating how much of your budget goes to your employer taxes? Check out our new Employer Payroll Calculator! Just click the Calculator tile above.

Reviewing your Payroll Tax Withholdings

If you are an employee and have not already done so, it is strongly encouraged that you review your current payroll tax withholdings. If any changes are required, you will want to submit a 2021 W-4 to Veridian as soon as possible.

You can obtain a blank copy of the W-4 on our website under Help->Forms and Resources->Forms.

Important: if you filed as "exempt" for your payroll tax withholdings in the year 2020 and intend to do so for 2021, you are required to submit a 2021 W-4 claiming "exempt" to Veridian no later than February 15, 2021. Failure to do so will result in any payroll issued to you after this date being taxed at the single filing rate.

For more information on the above and how to complete the Federal W-4, please reference the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) W-4 webpage.

Tax Statements

Click here for information on how to register and receive your year-end tax statement as quickly as possible!

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